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“Kindness, The New Morale” by international researcher Olivia McIvor

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Management Consulting. Organizational Culture. Leadership Training. Keynote Speeches…
delivered with infectious enthusiasm and an incredible love for people and for life.

Habeeb Habeeb brings a unique blend of business success and leadership combined with an infectious love for life, positivity, motivation, and inspiration. He speaks from personal experiences and ‘tried and true’ principles rather than simply repeating business and leadership theories. In other words, he has ‘walked the walk’ and ‘talked the talk’ and succeeded during prosperous times as well as during economic recessions. For two decades, Habeeb led BPC on a wildly successful journey, building a terrific team of service-oriented individuals who love the client and their own team members.
In addition to his work at BPC, Habeeb formed The H-Squared Leadership Institute. The name is derived from Habeeb’s unique name (he jokes that his dad ‘stuttered’). H-Squared is focused on helping people reach inside their own self to use their God-given talents and reach their full potential. It inspires everyone to take the good in life to a higher power and to make the world a kinder, gentler, and more positive place.
Habeeb is a grateful immigrant and business owner who loves God, loves people, loves America, and tries to see the good in all situations. Habeeb says: “Some see the glass half full, some half empty. I’m just glad I have a glass.” (see Habeeb's bio here)

Inspirational Videos

Habeeb Habeeb is passionate about helping people and organizations thrive. Watch one of Habeeb's talks about the power of kindness and positivity. 

Motivational Minutes

Habeeb's Motivational Minutes deliver 60 second bursts of inspiration to encourage you to take the good of everything in life to a higher power. Have a listen!

Meet Habeeb

Meet Habeeb and learn how facing adversity at a young age taught him that kindness can take you anywhere you want to go in this world.