The Answer is Yes. What's the Question?

For several decades my philosophy in business and personal relationships has been "The answer is yes. What's the question?"

A passionate and willing attitude always tries to find ways to say yes in all areas of life because life is full of possibilities. The best plan is not to only want to be successful but also to want to help others be successful. 

Does a client have a unique, custom request? I want to find a way to say yes. A team member wants to advance their career with a promotion? I want to find a way to say yes and help them succeed! My family wants to take a vacation to spend time together? I am going to find a way to say yes!

When we adopt willing, forward-thinking attitudes in business and in life, it is no longer a matter of if we can reach our goals but a matter of how we reach our goals. Being able to say yes is a matter of will and perspective. What have you said no to lately because it was "too hard" or too time consuming? Next time, stop and say to yourself, "Yes! Let figure out how to get it done!"