We recorded a Devotional Minute for Thanksgiving 2017 live simultaneously on the Radio and on Facebook and we had fun doing it. I hope it inspired you. Watch it here 


Adversity Will Come. What Will You Do With it?

Habeeb delivers the Charge to the Class at the 2014 Eastern Illinois University Graduation Ceremony. The question: adversity will come. What will you do with it?.

Overcoming Adversity Through The Powers of

Kindness and Encouragement

The Kindness and Goodness of America

A grateful immigrant, Habeeb Habeeb, speaks to the American Legion Auxiliary Leadership Conference on the kindness and goodness of America.

Habeeb Habeeb shares his powerful story of overcoming adversity as a young immigrant to America and how lives and futures are shaped when we express kindness, gratitude, and encouragement to others at the American Legion's Illini Girls' State 2014.


Silver Boxes: Delivering Words of Encouragement

When Habeeb talks about the power of encouragement, he often uses the concept of Silver Boxes to explain how we can build up and encourage others. The concept of Silver Boxes is based on the book with the same name by Florence Littauer. Watch this video and share it with friends to start making ripples in the world!


Harnessing Adversity

In this video we discuss how adversity can help us harness our true potential and prioritize what’s most important in our lives, the impact of encouraging others, and the power of forgiveness.


The Power of Your Prospective: Why I Love America

The lens we use to view our world can show us the path to our failure or our success. In his address at the 87th Annual American Legion Auxiliary Conference, Habeeb Habeeb shares how positive thinking shaped his perspective and helped him overcome great adversity after war broke out in Lebanon and he struggled to make a new life in America.

40 Independence Days in America

This Fourth of July is a very special Fourth of July for me. It is my fortieth Fourth of July in America. 4-0. What a great time it has been! Over the years, many people have done good things for me and they have filled my cup. I have tried to fill your cup back. I hope you will take a moment to watch this video of my gratitude to America.


Creating a Service Culture Series

How does your company measure success? Learn how BPC creates a pipeline for long-term success for its employees and its company by fostering a service-based culture.


Be Kind, Be Kind; So Nice We Said It Twice