Is there a difference between Happiness and Positivity? Yes, says Steve Gladis. Happiness is a state of mood while Positivity is a state of mind. While many things make us happy such as a sunny day, a smile, a compliment… it takes much more to make us have a positive mindset.

We as leaders have a direct and powerful effect on the lives of others. People want someone they can trust, not one who can artificially pump sunshine into the room.  
They want someone to tell them the truth, be with them when the going gets tough, give them optimism and hope for the future. They want someone who is happy, has compassion, one who is humble and attentive, respectful, and optimistic.

Positive leaders make all the difference and change the game. Positive leaders infect their team with good things, they infuse energy and instill confidence. Soon, a team can go from awful to awesome, from toxic to inspiring, from losing to winning. 

Choose to go to the higher level from being just happy to being truly positive.

AuthorHabeeb Habeeb