We’ve been talking about the three steps regarding Thanksgiving and Happiness: Think-Say-and-Act. Today we’ll talk about step 2: Say.

After filling our heads with grateful thoughts and thinking about them, we must start expressing these thoughts into words of thanks and outward encouragement. We must look for something to be grateful for in those around us, especially loved ones. Notice I said reasons to be grateful for, not reasons to criticize. Dwell on how they have grown in various areas and the victories you’ve had together, and TELL them the reasons you are grateful for them.

For children and adults, another simple way to cultivate gratitude is to literally count our blessings. For example, keep a journal and regularly record whatever you are grateful for that day. Be specific. Don’t just list “my friends, my school, my dog” day after day. Doctors say that writing “my dog licked my face when I was sad” keeps it fresher and avoids gratitude fatigue. 

So this week, make sure you say and express your gratitude out loud to others.

This was Step 2. Saying. More to come next week in part 3-ACTING. 

AuthorHabeeb Habeeb