We’ve been talking about the three steps to Thanksgiving: Think-Say-and-Act.  Think it in your heart, say it with your words, and doing a specific act of Thankfulness. 

So this week is the third step: ACTING. Let me encourage you to notch it up a bit in the way you act. Do something unexpected, something creative and memorable. Here is an example that happened on Halloween night. 

Every year, children run up to our doorstep, say “trick or treat”, open their bags, receive our candy and run off. This year I was amazed when two little girls tore off a handwritten note from their small spiral notepad and gave it to us. They had drawn pictures of a ghost, a pumpkin, a bat, and the words :”Thank You!”. They had a notepad full of these. In ALL our years handing out candy, this was the first time a child had notched it up and done this. It was fun and made us smile.

This Thanksgiving, resolve to stop taking and start expressing thanks. Resolve to notch up your action.

thanksgiving act
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